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To ensure our clients’ safety, peace-of-mind and drive, we offer several solutions in the area of foreign trade. With extensive expertise in the national and international markets, we tailor import and export operations to ensure each of our customers’ needs are met.

Foreign Trade

After years of experience dealing with a variety of segments in the global market, we have acquired the expertise needed to develop new suppliers for your business.


We identify and assess potential partners, aiming to reduce costs, improve quality and provide the 

most competitive business terms for your market.

We strategically analyze the commercial structure of each product, seeking the most efficient practices, model of acquisition and risk management of commodities.

Global Sourcing

Through Global Sourcing, we identify products to be purchased in the international market, which will be imported and distributed throughout the local market by DESH with competitiveness in our imports on own account.

Import on Own Account

Comércio Exterior
Global Sourcing

Foreign Trade Solutions

We structure financial transactions aiming to present solutions that are compatible with the profile and needs of each customer, continuously searching for the best available tools on the market.

Financial Structuring

We acknowledge that Brazil’s tax landscape is highly complex. As such, we offer our clients comprehensive tax advice, in order to responsibly identify suitable opportunities for your business. Additionally, we continuously keep track of Brazilian legislation and international agreements, so as to identify potential business impacts to our clients.

Tax Intelligence

We carry out the management and planning of the entire supply chain, from product collection to delivery. By mapping the entire operation and the strategic partnerships at different levels of service, we are able to structure intelligent logistics solutions, focused on cost reduction, without affecting the speed of the process.

Logistics Planning

We manage every step of the import and export process through our highly trained and specialized teams, which will be the customer interface with all the players involved in the operation, gathering information to improve organization and decrease bureaucracy.

Operational Management

Gestão Operacional
Planejamento Logístico
Inteligência Tributária
Inteligência Financeira

Main segments of operation

ferrous and non-ferrous metals

raw material



machinery and equipment


consumer goods



food and beverage




Office SP

Rua do Rócio, 84 – 5º Andar
Vila Olímpia – São Paulo-SP

CEP: 04552-000

+55 11 3135-1702


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