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“We are a company that was born mature, with a proposal to provide highly tailored solutions"

In 2020, our professional synergy led to the birth of a new global trading company – DESH.


We are driven by a common vision and purpose. Our 20 years of combined experience in the areas of foreign trade, global sourcing, procurement, logistics, BPO, finance, restructuring and management, provide a unique market advantage, capable of generating value to the processes of customers and, above all, to the whole chain.

Furthermore, we are guided by principles we have always held: offering a highly tailored service, having a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, being actively involved in the processes, and always striving to find the best solutions for each case.



We know that our clients need time to look after their core business and, therefore they need a partner who they can trust, who will ensure the process is carried out in an efficient, ethical, timely and transparent manner from beginning to end.


This is why we exist: “We take care of your foreign trade so you can take care of your business”

This is our style: 

“Easy to work with".


We are a trading company offering customized products and services to all our clients.


We strive to find the smartest solutions for the obstacles of foreign trade on a daily basis, and we challenge the status quo, working creatively and innovatively.


Providing individualized, close and customized care we fully understand the demands of offering products that  fit the business model of each customer.


We know the importance of real time information and performance analysis, so we enable the client to monitor all stages of the operation through the use of our platform. Therefore, we ensure the transparency of procedures and we obtain strategic information for the company’s decision-making process.


This is the essence of our company: ““We take care of your foreign trade so you can take care of your business”.

How we operate

Como Atendemos
Ética e Compliance

We believe that fast pace and flexibility of your daily activities must go hand in hand with ethics and commitment. That is why we follow strict rules of compliance along every step; from the start of negotiations to the end of all processes, and we never compromise our integrity in the name of practicality or convenience. 


We do things the right way.

Ethics and Compliance


Who we are


DESH - Alexandre Durce

São Paulo – Brazil


DESH - Paulo Esteves

Miami - USA


DESH - Cassiano Hissnauer

New York - USA


DESH - Fued Sadala

Miami - USA


Office SP

Rua do Rócio, 84 – 5º Andar
Vila Olímpia – São Paulo-SP

CEP: 04552-000

+55 11 3135-1702

logo desh global trading

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